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Live Gloriously

This is (mainly) a gaming blog. Filled to the brim with Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Guild Wars 2 feels.Will sometimes have other games as well (though those are the most common). Responds to the name "Kristen." Sometimes I make stuff.

Not always spoiler-free!

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But I have to go to work soon ;_;


I just have one question


Also any other news from the webs


The only new news about DA:I is just pushed back to Nov 18th. There’s a new Guild Wars patch on the 29th. There are new GW2 weapon skins.

UUuuhhhh, other than that not much news. Though with Comic Con and Gamescon there should be some new stuff soon. :3


Ooo thank you all who submitted more prompts while I was asleep! I’ll try and get them written over the course of the day. :)


never let me play a game where I can design/style my own character

I will forget about the legit goals of the game and will always strive to get all the shit I want for my character so I look the cutest 

x gw2 x
"Oops did I do that?... Oh well" Alistair/fMaharial

Night had fallen on the camp. Arla Maharial and Alistair had decided to turn in early for some much needed quiet time…

which ended up with Arla just splayed across Alistair, both too tired to do much else. Though it was nice to just lay there, Arla had to admit as she listened to Alistair’s heartbeat.

"This is nice," she said, moving to kiss him under his chin.

"Mhm," he said in agreement.

Arla felt her limbs grow heavy as her eyes closed. Oh, sleep was so close…

The only indication that something was awry, at first, was that there was a snapping noise just outside of their tent. Then suddenly she felt herself covered in canvas and several large tent poles fall across her legs.

Calling all Inquisitors!


If you love to draw, write about, or just talk about how awesome your Inquisitor is going to be - share it with us and help grow The Inquisition!
Please submit your Inquisitor posts to the blog or tag them with #whateverwewerebefore. I also regularly check each race’s surname tag.
Submitted posts should be of *your* Inquisitor (or a friend’s, commisioner’s, etc.) rather than “The Inquisitor” in a general sense. I try to tag everything with the inquisitor’s full name and their class if I can find it easily, so please include that information if you know it!
Spread the word so we can fill this blog with all of your wonderful characters!



things i absolutely need more of in dai:

  • love interests getting jealous/protective when people hit on the inquisitor

Will Dorian mutter something cutting under his breath, his fingers sparking dangerously to warn away others?

Will Iron Bull snarl ferociously and physically separate the Inquisitor from their pursuer?

Will Cassandra put herself between the Inquisitor and the simpering woman hoping to catch his eye, scowling more at him than her?

Will Cullen maintain a respectful silence, but clench his hand into a fist when someone invades her personal space?

Will Solas say nothing, but visit the dreams of the person unfortunate enough to dare approach his lover in such a way?

Will Vivienne remark quietly that her Inquisitor would not be easily swayed by sweet words and poor taste in clothing?

Will Sera slice off a long chunk of the unlucky suitor’s hair with her knife, letting it fall into the palm of her victim when she walks past?

Will Varric chuckle with a mirthless grin, his fingers flexing around Bianca’s stock, as he makes a promise not to miss?

Will Blackwall clear his throat with a pointed look at his Inquisitor, before slipping an arm around their waist and guiding them away?

Cullen/F!Mage!Lavellan "You look little lost, can I be of assistance?" and/or F!Adaar/Iron Bull "Huh? Oh Yeah, this view is nice."

F!Adaar/Iron Bull — “Huh? Oh Yeah, this view is nice.”

Maarkasa Adaar watched the Iron Bull from afar as he polished his hammer. They had returned to the Keep not too long ago and, after completely some business, she decided to seek him out.

"Bull, may I have a word?" she called over to him entering the room.

"Sure," he responded, not looking up from his work.

"I haven’t heard back from our contacts," she started. "Do you have any idea why?"

"Uh-huh," he said.

She paused in her stride, leaning back on her heals. Crossing her arms she decided to test a theory. “Its just a bit stange, considering considering the bog unicorn has suddenly started dancing.”


Yep. He wasn’t listening. “And then there was the fact that those gnomes have suddenly started a garden in the courtyard.” A plan in mind, she started to quickly remove portions of her leather armor.


Mass Effect Numbers Meme / Two Deaths [2/2] → 
Nyreen Kandros