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I’M SORRY ABOUT THE SADS. I was listening to somber music, so I’m blaming that. I’m glad you liked it! <3

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Sera + damask

damask: pink, from the damask rose; wet lace

Even with the rain, Sera could still see the smoke rising from the scorched earth in front of her. They had been too late to save the village, but the Inquisitor still pushed on, in hopes of looking for survivors. 

The four of them had separated, hoping to cover more ground in less time. If the others needed help, they would shout. Sera wondered over to a partially collapsed house and started pulling the blackened wood away so she could peer inside. Even before she had moved all the wood out of the way, she could spot a hand extended from the rubble.

"Hey!" She called out. "Hey!" But there was no answer. Sera just sighed heavily and kept moving the charred remains of the house.

Finally able to get inside, she walked cautiously over to the person inside. It was a small elven girl. Sera glanced over her face, seeing how young she was. Reaching down she closed the glassy eyes, and turned to walked away to call the others to help her with a proper burial when she noticed she had her other hand clenched around something.

Leaning over, she pried the girl’s fingers open and pulled out a delicate scrap of lace, semi transparent in the rain. Sera held it up, turning it over in her hand and admiring the work. It was a lovely piece of fabric, even Sera could tell.

Looking down with sad eyes, she wondered what this small piece of fabric had meant to her. Was it a part of something special — a moment, an adventure? Or was it just something pretty she thought to keep with her? Whatever it’s mean, Sera hoped it had brought the young girl comfort in her last hours.

Folding it, she placed it back in the girl’s hand and curled her fingers around it once more. 

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G.K. Chesterton
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Following me on Spotify must be an adventure.

First Panic! at the Disco, then Flo Rida, then Reba McIntire, then Yo Yo Ma

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Hello, I decided to make this post to help you to find a good theme. These are the blogs that I find useful and recommend, really hope this helps you. All these blogs are active.   Please like or reblog this post to help more people :)

Hello, I decided to make this post to help you to find a good theme. These are the blogs that I find useful and recommend, really hope this helps you. All these blogs are active.   Please like or reblog this post to help more people :)

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I have a different problem. For some reason I have an extremely odd talent for finding diamonds BEFORE iron. Meaning that all I can do is look at them and sob and pray I’ll remember where they are later.

That is a sucky problem to have, my friend. I think that’s only happened to me once and I never found them again. On the realms server I’m on, there’s a distinct lack of iron. Like, none of us can find enough for some reason. /le shrug/

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send me a character + a color

viridian: a dark shade of spring green; the color of grass after a downpour

aurum: a shiny gold; the gleam of dawn’s first light

vermillion: a bright orange-red; the last breath of sunlight

verdigris: the green that forms on oxidized copper; sea foam and salt

titian: a brownish-orange hue; the first fallen leaves

puce: a dark red or purple color; the darkest resin

cattleya: flame-red; the smell of smoke and the heat of the fire

smalt: a chalky blue, made from mixing glass and cobalt; the ocean seen through mist

damask: pink, from the damask rose; wet lace

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i spent the first 10 hours of so on this minecraft sever looking for fucking diamonds and find 3

today alone (when I was looking for iron of all things) I FOUND 19 OF THEM.

/stabs table/ bullshit.

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